Hoof Calphovit 1 kg - ondersteuning maag/darmen + vitaminen/mineralen

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Calphovit is a unique complementary feed on the European market, containing probiotics, antioxidants and trace elements that support the well-being of the stomach and intestines. Calcium-rich Calphovit is suitable for all horses, especially foals. The product supports the growth and development of foals and is also suitable for weaning time. Probiotics Pediococcus acidilactati and Bacillus Subtilis, contained in the product, are living organisms that support digestion, nutrient absorption, and the overall well-being of the horse. According to users, Bacillus Subtilis makes Calphovit a unique and effective product for the European market. In the United States, Asia and Saudi Arabia, Bacillus subtilis has been used successfully for more than a decade as s probiotics for horses, especially in intestinal and abdominal disorders, such as during a course of antibiotics. The bacterial strain in the horse's intestines can be disturbed as a result of the antibiotic, which also allows the probiotic containing Bacillus bacteria to prevent diarrhea caused by antibiotics and to maintain the normal bacterial strain in the intestine. Calphovit contains the enzyme phytase that improves feed digestibility and enhances the absorption of phosphorus from the feed. Studies have shown that phytase enzyme may increase the use of phosphorus from 42% to up to 95%. When feeding foals, the most important vitamins are vitamins A, D and E. Among trace elements, the most important are copper, zinc and manganese, among others. Calphovit contains all of these in a balanced proportion.


  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Supports the well-being of the stomach and intestines
  • Improves the microbial balance of the horse’s intestine
  • Relieves stomach problems caused by stress
  • Helps prevent many diseases
  • Helps to recover from illnesses and antibiotic treatments
  • Enhances the absorptions of nutrients

Technical description:

The product contains a 15 gram serving spoon. Package lasts: 4 months. Additives per kg: Bacillus spp 109-1010CFU. Bacillus subtilis DSM 5750. Lactic acid bacteria 106-109CFU. Phytase 99 750FYT. Vitamin A 1 000 000IU. Vitamin D3 400 000IU. Vitamin E 8 000mg. Zinc 12 000mg. Iron 30 000mg. Magnesium 30 000mg. Manganese 15 000mg. Copper 2 500mg. Calsium 30%.

Usage instructions:

Horses and ponies: 20g three times a week. Weaned calves (up to 16 weeks): 10g/day. Laying hens, turkeys, and broilers: 10g/kg of feed twice a week.